What Clients Say


“I was referred to Andrew by a friend of mine. When I saw him, I had a history of tightness on the right side, and right hip problems. Not only were those things worked out, but there were other things that I hadn’t even realized I had issues with because I had dealt with them over time and gotten used to them. I saw a great deal of improvement with irritating dull pain and more range of motion after just a few sessions. Best of all, it was relatively painless. Other sessions I’ve had with others in the past involved times where I thought I wanted to jump off the table. This was not the case during sessions with Andrew. I was very happy with the results I’ve seen from his work.” ~ Lynn

“I am very happy to recommend Andrew and Healing Intentions MTS.

Massage is very important to me for my personal health, both physically and mentally. I look for a complete renewal experience with my massage and I have never been disappointed with my experience, actually only impressed every time.

It’s amazing how Andrew has this intuitive flow with his massage. He addresses every target area that I have issues with without me even indicating them to him before, it’s like he already knows. It’s amazing! He has always made me feel very comfortable and relaxed and well taken care of. He genuinely has my health and wellness interest at heart. He’s not only a wonderful person but extremely professional as well.

The studio is so welcoming, peaceful, and warm, ……I can hardly wait to get to my appt…and just escape my daily routines…

Thank you Andrew, for using your gifts of healing…” ~ Judy

“Andrew has been my massage therapist for three years. I have a house cleaning business and i have lower back and neck issues with severe headaches. I see Andrew once a week and his therapy helps me recharge. Andrew has a calm and peaceful demeanor and a massage with him is a soothing experience.” ~ Amy